{{Quest infobox
| name = A Gift of Griffons
| map = 250px
| campaign = Core
| region = Fissure of Woe
| type = Secondary
| repeatable = y
| given by = Wailing Lord
| given at = Fissure of Woe
| preceded by = The Wailing Lord
The purpose of this quest is to aid the Wailing Lord in presenting a gift of three Forest Griffons to Balthazar.

==Quest information==
*Escort all three Forest Griffons safely to the Tower of Courage.
*See Rastigan the Eternal for your reward.

* 10,000 Experience

The best way to fulfill this quest, is to not go near the griffons, and clear the way back to Rastigan first. Keep in mind that even if you've cleared the way before taking the quest, new creatures will spawn that need to be removed before getting the griffons.

Be clear with your teammates to not approach them, otherwise they'll follow you and easily get killed. The death of only one of them will result in a wipe.

===Initial dialogue===
Wailing Lord
:"Please...perhaps you can help me. I wish to express to Balthazar my sincere respect and admiration. I offer three forest Griffons that have served me since their acceptance into this eternal realm as hounds for the God of War. You shall find them scattered throughout the forest. If you would be so kind as to gather all three and lead them to the Tower of Courage, I would be in your debt."

Accept: "I'll see to it at once."
:Decline: "Do it yourself!"
:When asked about quest: "I wish to make a gift of three Forest Griffons to the master of this realm, Great Balthazar, God of War. Please gather three griffons from my forest and lead them to the Tower of Courage that Balthazar and all who serve him may know of the loyalty that we in the forest hold toward him."

===Reward dialogue===
Rastigan the Eternal
:"Balthazar will be pleased with this gift. And I am pleased with your actions. I can see that the lesson you delivered was not lost on the Wailing Lord."

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