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| campaign = Core
| region = The Mists
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The Fissure of Woe (FoW) is the realm of Balthazar, the god of war. There he is engaged in an eternal battle with his half brother, Menzies and his Shadow Army.

==Getting there==
To get to The Fissure of Woe, all players of the party must be Ascended, Weh no Su or must have completed the quest Hunted!. Players must then either use a Passage Scroll to the Fissure of Woe, or pay Szablon:Cost to a Champion of Balthazar at a Statue of Balthazar while the world has the Favor of the Gods in any of the following locations:
*Chantry of Secrets
*Temple of the Ages
*Zin Ku Corridor

Szablon:Landmark list

*Eternal Forgemaster
**Defend the Temple of War
**Restore the Temple of War
**Khobay the Betrayer
*Eternal Lord Taeres
**Tower of Strength
*Eternal Weaponsmith
**The Eternal Forgemaster
*Kromril the Eternal
**Army of Darkness
*Miko the Unchained
**Slaves of Menzies
*Nimros the Hunter
**The Hunt
*Rastigan the Eternal
**Tower of Courage
**The Wailing Lord
*Wailing Lord (Fissure of Woe)
**A Gift of Griffons

==Mission Objectives==
The Fissure of Woe
*Tower of Courage
*The Wailing Lord
*A Gift of Griffons
*Defend the Temple of War
*The Eternal Forgemaster
*Army of Darkness
*Restore the Temple of War
*Khobay the Betrayer
*Tower of Strength
*Slaves of Menzies
*The Hunt
*Your party has completed # of 11 quests.
*Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward.


*Szablon:W 24 (24) Eternal Lord Taeres (spawns at the end of Defend the Temple of War)
*Szablon:W 24 (24) Eternal Weaponsmith
*Szablon:W 24 (24) Kromril the Eternal
*Szablon:W 20 (20) Rastigan the Eternal
*Szablon:W 20 (20) Admiral Saidon the Eternal
*Szablon:R 24 (24) Eternal Ranger (spawns at the end of Defend the Temple of War)
*Szablon:R 2 (20) Nimros the Hunter
*Szablon:Mo 24 (24) Tower Mage (appears with Tower of Strength)
*Szablon:Mo 24 (24) Zurotai the Eternal
*Szablon:E 24 (24) Eternal Elementalist (spawns at the end of Defend the Temple of War)
*Szablon:X 15 (20) Enslaved Hero (appears with Slaves of Menzies)
*Szablon:X 28 (28) Eternal Forgemaster (appears during The Eternal Forgemaster)
*Szablon:X 28 (28) Forest Griffon (appears with A Gift of Griffons)
*Szablon:X 10 (20) Miko the Unchained
*Szablon:X 28 (30) Wailing Lord (Fissure of Woe) (after The Wailing Lord)

*Szablon:R 24 (26) Armored Cave Spider
*Szablon:E 24 (26) Obsidian Furnace Drake
*Szablon:Me 24 (26) Doubter's Dryder
Elementals (Shadow Army)
*Szablon:E 20 (20) Shard Wolf (only during The Hunt)
*Szablon:X 28 (30) Banshee (only during The Wailing Lord)
*Szablon:W 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
*Szablon:Mo 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
*Szablon:Me 24 (24) Lord Khobay (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
*Szablon:E 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
*Szablon:E 24 (26) Mahgo Hydra
*Szablon:W 24 (26) Snarling Driftwood
*Szablon:R 24 (26) Spirit Wood
*Szablon:N 24 (26) Seed of Corruption (only during Restore the Temple of War)
*Szablon:E 24 (26) Spirit Shepherd
*Szablon:Mo 24 (26) Smoke Walker
Nightmares (Shadow Army)
*Szablon:W 28 (30) Abyssal
*Szablon:W 28 (30) Shadow Overlord (only during Slaves of Menzies)
*Szablon:W 28 (30) Shadow Patrol (only during Tower of Strength)
*Szablon:W 24 (26) Shadow Warrior
*Szablon:R 24 (26) Shadow Ranger
*Szablon:Mo 24 (26) Shadow Monk
*Szablon:N 28 (30) Shadow Beast
*Szablon:N 28 (30) Shadow Lord
*Szablon:N 28 (30) Shadow Lord Vogris
*Szablon:Me 24 (26) Shadow Mesmer
*Szablon:E 24 (26) Shadow Elemental
*Szablon:N 28 (30) Ancient Skale
*Szablon:W 24 (26) Skeletal Berserker
*Szablon:R 24 (26) Skeletal Impaler
*Szablon:Mo 24 (26) Skeletal Bond
*Szablon:Me 24 (26) Skeletal Ether Breaker
*Szablon:E 24 (26) Skeletal Icehand
*Szablon:R 20 (26) Rock Borer Worm
*Szablon:X 28 (30) Infernal Wurm
*Szablon:N 30 (32) Dragon Lich

Nightmares (Shadow Army)
*Szablon:Mo 28 (30) Priest of MenziesWord of Healing (only during Army of Darkness)

A bug is an error (in performance) or a flaw (in design) in a game which prevents it from working as intended. This includes things such as graphical glitches, players' input being processed wrong, or other features not working properly. Bugs are often fixed in game updates.

For a list of current known bugs, see Category:Bugs.

An anomaly, on the other hand, is when it isn't explicitly known how a feature is intended to work, but it's inconsistent with the rest of the game. For example, Empathy triggers on missed attack skills, but Vigorous Spirit does not; neither one mentions if it's supposed to.

For a list of current known anomalies, see List of skill anomalies.

* Henchmen cannot enter this area, since they are not Ascended. Heroes however may enter.
* The Fissure of Woe is one of only a few locations where Shadow weapons (Shadow Shield, Shadow Blade, Shadow Bow, Shadow Staff, and Chaos Axe) can be found. Other locations are the Nightfallen Garden and the Domain of Anguish in Elona.
* The Fissure of Woe is the only place where Obsidian Shards can be found.
* Passage scrolls allow a party to travel to the Fissure of Woe without having favor or paying the entry fee. The party must be in one of the entrance outposts though, and all members must still be ascended.
* All quests in this area are repeatable, however you must re-enter the Fissure of Woe in order to re-do them.
* The Fissure of Woe is also a repeatable area.
* It is possible to sell items to the Eternal Forgemaster, once his crafting service is enabled.
* The Fissure of Woe area does not count towards any Cartographer title.
* When all 11 quests are completed, the message "Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward" will appear.
** Then a Chest of Woe will spawn near the Eternal Forgemaster.
** You may then put an Eternal Conqueror of The Fissure of Woe statue to "Honor" into your Hall of Monuments.
* If any of the allies die, the party will get thrown out of the Fissure of Woe.
* There are no resurrection shrines and a complete party wipe will result in a mission failed.

See alsoEdytuj

Szablon:Missions and Explorable areas in The Mists

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